EPC (Energy Performance Contract)

Reach your energy saving goals

We carry out the energy requalification interventions of the plants directly in your factory. We take the initial financial and technological burden and share with you the savings generated.

Our certified Experts in Energy Management at your disposal.

No economic and financial risk

Tecno takes over the entire economic investment and assumes all financial and market risks related to energy performance.

Real benefits for your company

The EPC service allows you to obtain immediate and net economic benefits in terms of reducing energy consumption.

We are a certified E.S.Co.

We are an E.S.Co. (Energy Service Company) accredited since 2005 at the AEEG (Authority for Electricity and Gas) and certified UNI CEI 11352.

What we do for your company

Free Flash Audit

Our consultants carry out a free inspection of your facilities.

Implementation of audit with identification of interventions

We carry out the audit by identifying energy models, baseline consumption, KPIs and energy efficiency measures to be implemented.

Design and implementation of energy improvements

With the collected data we realize energy models to help you correctly manage the various utilities involved in the production and processing phases.

Customized interventions

Each of our intervention is customized to your specific needs.

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