Energy Management

Monitoring and strategies to improve
your company energy performance

Tecno team is mainly made up of engineers, some of which certified as Experts in Energy Management, with diversified and multiple skills.

Relying on us for your Energy Management means first of all checking the opportunities for savings and then evaluating the interventions to improve energy performance

Our path

First of all, we verify that all possible subsidies and incentives are correctly used, that is, we take care of what is necessary to obtain them. We also check the costs of energy supply and the reliability of suppliers, checking the correctness of the invoices issued.

The analysis of the energy audits already carried out, or the implementation of an energy audits, constitutes the obligatory path for carrying out energy efficiency measures.

The feasibility of interventions is assessed not only with monitoring systems, but above all with accurate measurement campaigns. We have all the equipment necessary to correctly define the thermal and electrical load profile of each of your users. Only the knowledge of these profiles allows you to afford the most expensive operations while minimizing risks.

In cases of obligation, we take care of the fulfillment of the law 10/91, with the appointment of the Energy Manager and the annual reporting of consumptions on the FIRE portal.

What we do for your business

Management and optimization of energy supplies:

  • Energy purchase
  • Billing control
  • Adjustment of the plants

Obtaining Reliefs and Incentives

  • Excise Practices:
    • Uses exempt electricity and gas
    • Facilitated diesel fuel for heavy equipment and means of transport
    • LPG for industrial use
  • Reduction of system charges (energy intensive industries)
  • White Certificates
  • Thermal Account
  • High efficiency cogeneration

Activities for energy efficiency

  • Energy audits
  • Energy monitoring
  • Dedicated measurement campaigns
  • Feasibility studies
  • Management of energy efficiency measures
  • Periodic meetings for continuous comparison with area managers (production, maintenance, management control)

Energy Manager

The protagonist of energy management

Italian Law 10/91 entrusts energy management operations to the Energy Manager; a high profile figure who outlines an energy saving project and a revaluation of company KPIs.

Obligation to appoint an Energy Manager

Italian Law 10/91 obliges the appointment of the Energy Manager, a high profile figure specialized in the management and redefinition of company energy consumptions, the following subjects:

  • Companies in the industrial sector that in the previous year consumed more than 10,000 tons of oil equivalent (TOE)
  • Companies in the civil, tertiary and transport sectors that in the previous year consumed more than 1000 tons of oil equivalent (TOE)

Even those not affected by the obligation can still appoint an energy manager, in the same way as for others.

Entrusting the activities related to energy efficiency to a specialized figure is not only a way to fulfill the legal obligation, but an important opportunity for companies that reach high consumptions thresholds, such as the energy intensive industries.

Our Energy Performance Controller service offers companies the constant support of a dedicated Energy Manager, who support them in the planning of energy improvement actions and in the practices related to the appointment to be forwarded to FIRE by 30 April.

In case of non-appointment or delay, penalties up to € 52,000 are provided

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