FatturOK: the Billing Control Software

Check your energy, gas and water bills

FatturOK is the solution to the issue of bills check of your company. It allows you to keep track of costs and consumptions charged and avoid the payment of amounts not due. As the number of sampling points increases, the software greatly simplifies management control activities.

A software easy-to-use



FatturOK scan invoices in pdf format and transforms them into electronic files, regardless of the number of files or outlets on each invoice.


All checks are made on the electronic format compared with the updated rates in order to verify the correctness of the invoice and, in case of errors, highlight the detail of the wrong items and the relative amount not due.


The electronic files scanned serve as an archive that can be easily consulted by the user, which can produce reports on costs and consumptions for sites or aggregates and compare them.

FatturOk – The billing control software is particularly useful for all multi-site companies, GDO, banks, professionals or E.S.Co.

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