Consultancy for the Management of Energy Supplies

Save on your company bill

We identify the best technical-economic conditions for the supply of electricity and gas and we do not include clauses with extra hidden costs in the contract. In addition, we assist you every time you need to modify sampling, activate new sites, solve accounting problems and techniques related to sampling points.

The result is immediate and substantial savings.

Purchase of Electricity and Gas

Our Energy Management Experts carry out all the activities that allow an optimal energy supply:

  • Analysis of existing supply contracts
  • Monitoring of energy markets, spots and futures
  • Definition of purchasing strategies
  • Type of raw material price (fixed, indexed, fixing/defixing)
  • Definition of the contract sampling points parameters
  • Definition of the tender/auction specifications

The company obtains substantial savings thanks to the definition of:

  • Optimal time for purchase
  • Most suitable type of price
  • Transparent purchase contract (no extra costs and tightening clauses)
  • The correct application of excise duties and reduced VAT

Billing Control

Thanks to our software and the activities carried out by our Energy Management Experts, besides providing with certain data about the charges applied, we assist you in the request of reimbursements for the charges not due, as we verify:

The correctness of the amounts invoiced

Each item on the invoice is verified by checking the correct application of the contract and all the rates published periodically by the authorities

The adjustments

All invoices relating to the adjustment period are re-assessed with the correct rates and actual consumptions

The real consumptions of the distributor

Real consumptions are obtained from the distributor through a dedicated portal or through the request of meter readings

Possible checks of the meter

Where the consumptions of the distributor are not certain, instrumental checks are carried out at the consumption counters; we assist you in surveys carried out by the technicians of the distributor

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We also ensure:

  1. Adjustment of the Plants and Supplies

    • Assistance for power adjustments of the electricity supply and daily capacity of gas supplies
    • Consultancy for the elimination of penalties in samplings (rephasing, adjustment of transformation cabins, etc.)
    • Monitoring of supply interruptions and assistance for any complaints and refunds

  2. Normative Updates and Further Opportunities

    • Interruptibility auctions;
    • Facilitation of system charges for energy and gas intensive industries;
    • Constant regulatory update regarding new discounts and/or ancillary charges for final customers.

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