High Efficiency Cogeneration

The combined production of electricity and heat in a single process

Cogeneration refers to the combined production of electricity and heat in a single process. The cogeneration units that acquire the High Efficiency Cogeneration qualification can access the White Certificates.

Make energy efficiency with cogeneration

Cogeneration plants allows you to:

  • Improve your energy efficiency by recovering thermal energy that would otherwise be lost
  • Meet electrical and thermal needs at the same time
  • Get incentives for the savings achieved (White Certificates)

What we do for you


Through ad hoc measurement campaigns, we define thermal load profile in order to define the best type of cogeneration solution or the possibility to optimize your energy production.


We look after your practices related to the cogenerator:

  • Customs Fiscal License
  • Connection in parallel to the distribution network
  • Annual consumption declaration

White Certificates

We first look after the practice to obtain the qualification of high efficiency cogeneration and then we offer the opportunity to access the incentive mechanism of the White Certificates.

GME market (Energy Market Manager)

We support you in registering in the GME list and in the exchange contracts for the sale of your White Certificates related to high efficiency cogeneration, always guaranteeing the best quotation of the day.

Possibility of affiliation

We offer you the possibility to become our partner if you produce, sell or install cogeneration plants.

Expand your market shares.

Other applications

Cogeneration units can be used in different areas:

  • Industrial: for the production of heat to be introduced in the production process
  • Civil: to cover summer and winter thermal needs (Trigeneration)

In both cases, thermal/cooling energy produced at the generating site, through a district heating and cooling network, can be used by different users.

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