Tecno for art and innovation

Tecno for Art

Tecno is a constantly evolving reality, always open to deepen new production contexts with high technological and innovative value. This is definitely the key of our success and is at the base of our internationalization process, already started in several European countries.

We believe in new projects with ambitious objectives, so we have developed partnerships and investments in sectors not strictly related to our core business.

To improve our services and products we have:

  • Selected important players such as Viasat and Acotel;
  • Invested in startups (Buzzoole, Apptripper, Intuicy, Tiassito24, Bisy)
  • Financed research and development activities as main sponsor

Supporting national and regional cultural heritage

Our business vision has always included the promotion and participation in activities and ideas for evaluating human, social and artistic-cultural heritage.

Interested in local initiatives, we support the promotion of events and initiatives held in Campania region and all over the national territory.

To support the innovation process, we collaborate side by side with a scientific committee coordinated by Giorgio Ventre, Director of Electrical Engineering and Information Technologies Department of the University of Naples Federico II and Scientific Director of iOS Developer Academy of Naples.

Alongside the excellences of the territory

The growth of our group is strongly linked to Naples and Campania region, where our headquarters is settled. Therefore, we proudly supported the initiatives of the Real Teatro San Carlo, a cultural institution of national importance.

In particular, in collaboration with other Neapolitan companies, Tecno has distinguished itself in the fundraising operation, such as the one consisting in the purchase of precious Harlequin rugs, an innovative shock-absorbing dance floor, and donated to the dance halls and stage of the Teatro San Carlo.

Looking at the digital sector

Tecno recognizes in the world of Makers and Digital a real possibility of job placement for new young creative and skilled talents, who can revolutionize local and national business world.

The initiative Big Hack-HackNight@Museum is an example. Held at the Museum of Capodimonte in July 2017 and organized by Maker Faire Rome-The European Edition 4.0, it was fully part of the activities promoted by Campania Region in the context of the regional strategy for the promotion and dissemination of digital skills.

Restoration activity

During 2017, Tecno’s commitment to recover our artistic heritage has been remarkable. We collaborated in the restoration of the painting by the Italian artist Gianbattista Tiepolo entitled “San Domenico prays the Rosary”, an initiative realized within the Project Rivelazioni – Finance for Fine Arts, promoted by the Italian Stock Exchange.

Preserving the past to improve the future

Art and business are the union that fully represents our company, always sensitive to the artistic heritage of our Country, driven by the enthusiasm of the President Giovanni Lombardi.

Over the years, we have supported some of the most important Italian cultural institutions, such as the San Carlo Theatre to which some precious Harlequin carpets were donated in 2017 in collaboration with other companies.

Aware of the importance of technology in art, we have financed the free download app, available on iOS and Android, dedicated to the exhibition Picasso and Naples: Parade, organized by the Museum of Capodimonte under the direction of Sylvain Bellenger and Luigi Gallo.

The commitment made by Giovanni Lombardi in these activities is remarkable and in the same year, in fact, Tecno also joined the project Rivelazioni-Finance for Fine Arts, promoted by the Italian Stock Exchange for Gallerie dell’Accademia of Venice, financing the restoration of the Saint Dominic establishing the Rosary of Giambattista Tiepolo. The initiative promoted the collaboration between culture and private companies in order to support the recovery and digitization of artworks exhibited in the most important Italian museums

tiepolo prima del restauro
restauro tiepolo

We believe in the value of training

Art, innovation, but also continuous training: Tecno brought Cordedojo to Naples, supporting the international project that offers young people the basic level of computer programming with a simple and captivating language, created by MIT in Boston.

The initiative, born in Ireland in 2011, immediately attracted countries like the United States, Japan and the United Kingdom and arrived in Naples thanks to the passion of our President, enchanting many young people aged 9 to 13 years.

About the promotion of architectural heritage, we participated in the FAI project “Heritage of FAI, places to live”, opening to the public the historical residences of Palazzo Ischitella and Palazzo San Teodoro, listed in the art treasures that tell the story not only of Naples, but of the whole country.

Art and augmented reality: the challenge

It is precisely at Palazzo San Teodoro that we have created a unique museum, where tradition, art and architecture combine the most innovative technology: Palazzo San Teodoro Experience.

The users move in a 3D space immersed completely in the glossy atmosphere and in the location of 1700, faithfully rebuilt following an accurate philological investigation, thanks to the augmented reality technology.

Gear Oculus glasses, programmed by Samsung, allow the reconstruction of the past and an authentic dive in Palazzo Caracciolo San Teodoro, designed by Guglielmo Bechi in its moment of maximum splendor.

Since 2016 we support the Association Di Meo – vini ad arte, which makes an annual calendar with photographs made by Massimo Listri, known in the most illustrious museums.

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