Tecno Srl

Energy consulting and saving solution for small, medium and large companies

Tecno is a consulting company operating in the fields of energy efficiency and tax reliefs on energy products

We provide consultancy service for:

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Energy Audits
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Energy Monitoring
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White Certificates
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Energy Intensive Industries Reliefs
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EPC (Energy Performance Contract)
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Consultancy for Energy and Gas Purchase
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Gas Intensive Industries Reliefs

What we do for your company

We help your company to save on energy consumptions thanks to advanced technological solutions. We manage your requests for incentives and tax reliefs, with concrete and quantifiable results in economic terms.

We offer you, in detail:

  •         Zero initial costs
  •         Free feasibility study
  •         Free inspection
  •         Monitoring software installation
  •         Provision of energy meters tested by our specialists
  •         Energy Audit
  •         Detailed reports
  •         Continuous professional technical assistance
  •         Team of qualified EGE experts

20 years of activity

Tecno was founded in 1999 and works in the energy and excise duty sectors.

It is accredited since 2005 as E.S.Co (Energy Service Company) at ARERA (Italian Regulatory Authority for Energy, Networks and Environment) and is entitled to apply for the Energy Efficiency Certificates.

The constant research activity, carried out by a team of engineers expert in Energy Management (EGE), has allowed us to consolidate our company as one of the major players on the national market.

Continuous innovation

In 2011 we patented a modern diesel fuel consumptions measurement system, the DFT (Diesel Fuel Tracer), which is essential for the certification of the actual diesel consumptions of all our customers.

The DFT is a high-tech instrument and meets the requirements of the Customs Agency. The system can be installed on any vehicle used for working and is verified at the Institute of Engines of the National Research Council.

The DFT is already compliant with the latest directives issued by the Customs Agency regarding the taxation of electronic measuring instruments.

We have a green soul

We are constantly engaged in the promotion of awareness-raising campaigns on the use of clean energy, involving operators in the sector and contributing to the achievement of the objectives set out in the Kyoto Protocol.

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