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Our consultancy services on energy efficiency allow you to entrust the energy management of your company procedures to our system managers.
Tecno is an E.S.Co accredited since 2005 at ARERA (Regulatory Authority for Energy Networks and Environment) and works exclusively with qualified EGE consultants certified UNI CEI 11339.
Our specialist consultancy services work all over the country.

Personalized professional assistance

Advice on the consumptions management of all energy carriers

Detailed consumptions reports

EPC contracts for energy efficiency


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Energy Audits

Energy consumptions analysis according to the Italian Legislative Decree 102/2014

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Energy Monitoring

Monitoring and management services of the energy consumptions

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High efficiency cogeneration certificate

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White Certificates

Energy efficiency certificates

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Energy Intensive Users Reliefs

Service for the achievement of energy intensive industries reliefs

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Consultancy for Energy and Gas Purchase

Consultancy for the stipulation of the best contract of electricity and gas purchase

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EPC (Energy Performance Contract)

Energy Performance Contract for energy-saving solutions

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Gas Intensive Users Reliefs

Service for the achievement of gas intensive industries reliefs




TOE (Ton Oil Equivalent)

Industrial sectors

Energy audits made for our customers

Some of our Clients

Our certifications

Certificazione UNI CEI 11352

Certification on the quality level and technical competence of energy service providers

The E.S.Co is defined as a “legal entity providing energy services or other measures to improve corporate energy efficiency”. The regulation outlines the minimum requirements of energy efficiency services that an E.S.Co must have in order to offer these activities to its customers.

Certificazione ISO 9001

Certification for Quality Management Systems

ISO 9001 identifies a series of regulations and guidelines that define the requirements for the implementation of a quality management system in order to conduct processes, improve efficiency and optimize business efficiency.

Our partnerships

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ELITE Program

Elite is an international platform of integrated services to support companies in the realization of their growth plans. Over 800 excellent companies joined the ELITE program and accepted the challenge of representing the best companies in the country.

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Partner Retindustria

Retindustria is a Confindustria company that manages all national conventions. Tecno is part of this network, made by 30 international partners, and offers advantages for the entire Confindustria system.



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